PPI Claims Checklist – Why You Might have a Case

You might have heard almost everything about PPI and mis-sold PPI claims. However, making a claim is not as easy as most people think. When buying PPI, it is the responsibility of the seller or the lender to ensure the customer know what they are paying for and why it could be of help. This implies that a breach of an essential requirement might welcome a PPI claims case. Here is a checklist that could help you tell whether or not you qualify for PPI compensation.

Were you told that PPI was compulsory?aSdASsdvfs

Many claims that confirm that indeed some lenders forced their customers to buy PPI policies from certain providers. This is a form of mis-selling considering that the lender has no right to impose any insurance policy to you. Also, mis-selling can also result if the sales agent failed to tell you that this plan was optional.

Have you been paying for PPI without your knowledge?

There are instances where the lender or agent intelligently sneaks a PPI claim on your loan payments. This explains why most people realize they have been paying for PPI years after applying for a loan or credit. This practice qualifies to be an act of PPI misspelling and customers that pay for PPI without their consent are entitled to compensations.

Were you sold PPI You did not need?

Not everyone is eligible for PPI. As such, paying for a PPI policy that would not benefit you in any way is equivalent to an economic crime. Individuals at risk of this type of misspelling are those that are in self-employment and pensioners. As it stands, these individuals do not stand to gain in any way from loss of employment.

Has your provider been found guilty of PPI mis-selling before?

aesdSDAcAADThis is one of the best indicators that you have a case to make. If your provider has defrauded some people in the past, chances are you are still among the many people that have mis-sold PPI. However, this does is not a sure indicator for mis-selling.

If any of these conditions applies to you, you have a case. The best way to go about this process is by walking with PPI claims expert. You can also reclaim ppi by yourself only that you might take you longer to get what you are entitled to.